About us

Our team is formed by a highly qualified group of senior professionals in their main stronghold is its ability to hard work and sacrifice, based on the maximum values of seriousness, honesty and transparency.

The Tax Law Department and is composed of expert consultants in the legal and tax system at the national and international levels.

Another key pillar of our organization is our sales department which consists of a large group of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate market since 1997 in the whole area of the Costa del Sol, which make maximum interlocutor in buyer and seller relationship, offering a wide involvement in professional and personal level, to create a special relationship of empathy and trust with your customer.

Our sales are the great architects to generate and give confidence to the buyer and seller figure.

All the above equipment would not see the light, or this would not reach deep shine without our Department of Marketing and Advertising. Today and more than ever essential and indispensable, enjoy a great advertising and marketing department, expert and highly specialized in this big world that is the Internet and all the social networking system.

And finally, the Management Department, the developers members of the business model, implementation and execution of business strategies in the short, medium and long term.

Top Homes Marbella is well aware and based much of its success on the quality-excellence of its staff, the great coordination and synergy between each of its members captured in the various departments of our company.

Nuestro equipo

Adela Lara

Managing Director
Email: adela.l@marbellatophomes.com
Móvil: 682 133 857

Maria Lara

Sales Manager
Email: maria.l@marbellatophomes.com
Móvil: 622 434 799